if these ideas grab you, read on!

Are you looking for a WAY?

A way to face the challenges of life, physical, intellectual and spiritual: guidelines, signposts for living in a difficult and confusing world?

Learn about the Way taught by Jesus centuries ago. What is it really about?

Wholeness, Generosity and the Power and Energy to live a full life.

Are you looking for a COMMUNITY OF FAITH?

A community of faith that will welcome you, whoever you are, wherever you are on life’s journey, whatever your tradition, faith or no faith?

This church has been open to all and ecumenical (i.e. for people from all branches of the Christian Church throughout the world) right from our founding in 1974, by the Anglican, Baptist, Methodist and United Reformed Churches.

Join us in Christian worship that is both traditional (liturgical, Eucharistic, using various forms of Christian spirituality and song, old and more recent) and experimental (involving music, art and drama).

Share food with us — very important at St Peter’s!

There is something for all ages, from the youngest to the old. Together, we develop our understanding of the life and teachings of Jesus.

Are you looking for an INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE?

An International Experience to widen your vision; to learn from the ‘other’?

Encounter people and families from all over the world, from Africa, China, Europe, India and elsewhere: especially students from the various higher education institutions in Manchester; also post-graduates, university and college staff and young (and not so young!) women and men working in Manchester.


We at St Peter’s believe religion is an integral part of the human experience; not a set of beliefs and rules that divide us, but a faith and a way of life that connect us, to each other and to the world’s source of Creative Energy and Love. By allowing ourselves to be challenged and changed, both as individuals and as a church, we try to play our part in transforming the world, working for Justice and Peace, Hope and Healing.

Come and try us out!

We also support St Peter’s House Chaplaincy. What is it and what does it have to offer? Look further at their website.