Some Useful Dates

Some notable dates in the history of Chaplaincy provision in Manchester.
Also some of the important events in the life of St Peter's since 1974.

22/10/58 University Council – Question of provision of site for Chaplaincy Centre; could be bought or rented from University.
4/11/58 Suggestion from KRJC that school adjacent St Ambrose be converted to chaplaincy
10/60 Small chaplaincy set up in two rented rooms at 325 Oxford Rd – student initiative
1/61 Induction of Basil Hetherington as rector of St Ambrose
27/2/61 325 Oxford Rd opened as Chaplaincy by Bishop of Middleton
61–62 Discussions re converting 325 Oxford Rd into Chaplaincy
11/62 Discussions – possible forms of a University church at All Saints
1/63 University has already been asked for 18000 sq ft site for Chaplaincy
3/63 Brief to Architect
Mid 64 Draft memorandum on Ecumenical church
1/11/64 First tour of other churches to get ideas
22/11/64 Second ditto
7/11/64 One Day Conference : Church & Chaplaincy in a modern University
14/4/65 Chaplains visit Keele to see new Chaplaincy and meet chaplains
Spring '65 Report by Student Study Group ‘Worship in the new University Church’
5/65 Draft brief to architect on conversion of St Ambrose church hall
29/10/65 Chaplains visit Birmingham
5/5/67 Possession of St Ambrose handed over to City authorities
6/67 St Ambrose demolished, Church move into church hall
Spring '67 Chaplaincy transferred from 325 Oxford Rd to St Ambrose Church hall in Oliver St
9/67 Revised brief to architect
7/68 Architect's draft report on revised design proposals for Ecumenical Centre
1969 Sharing of Church Buildings Act
10/69 Amendment to brief to architect
14/9/71 First meeting of Ecumenical working party
6/72 First report of Ecu Chap Working Party to ecumenical Cttee – sets out Sharing Agreement, Joint Council, Management Cttee
11/72 Building 5 months behind schedule
22/11/72 First meeting of Interim Management Cttee
7/73 Basil Hetherington leaves St Ambrose & Chaplaincy; moves to Strood (inducted there as rector 13/9/73)
circa 8/73 St Ambrose site sold to University (date also given as 1/7/74, £56K?)
13/9/73 Ecu Chap Wkg Pty suggests structures for Joint Council and management cttee
16/3/74 Date proposed (in 1973) for dedication service (but work slipped further)
17/6/74 Walkway open fully, 24 hrs,7 days
24/6/74 Contractors hand over SPH to architect
6/74 St Peter's House Opens – presumably legally (if not practically) on 24/6/74.
2/11/74 Dedication Service
1/75 Service for week of prayer for Christian unity
5/10/75 Coming up service ‘Education for what?’
1–9/11/75 First anniversary events:
  1 & 2 /11/75 ‘Peterfest’ Services
  9/11/75 Congregational debate ‘Unacceptable Christian Image’
23/11/75 BBC Service
13/11/77 Third anniversary service
13/10/82 Sharing Agreement signed
18-20/2/83 International festival
4–6/3/83 Musical: ‘Godspell’
circa 7/83 27 Ladybarn Road sold
16/3/84 Musical: ‘Ring of Roses’
3/11/84 Tenth anniversary service
21–22/2/86 Musical: ‘Daybreak’
15/6/86 Ecumenical Baptism & Confirmation
7/6/87 Ecumenical baptism & Confirmation
6/87 Bishops' conference
Summer '87 Redecoration of Walkway chapel
13/3/88 Ecumenical Baptism & Confirmation
19–22/6/89 Bishops conference
12/11/89 15th anniversary
6/91 Bishops' conference
6/92 Bishops' conference
6/93 Bishops' conference
Summer '98 Refurbishment of Church as auditorium
Lent '04 Lent Series: Forty Days On A City Road: Facing up to the journey

Annual, September: Coming-up service
Annual, December: International carol service.

John Thomlinson 20.9.99